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Free Flight Consultation

One-on-one Free Flight Training

Duration: 6 hour +

Price: $750

Free Flight is a lifestyle for both the human and bird. Whilst incredible, it is not the epitome of aviculture and should not be endeavoured into lightly.

This course begins with an initial consultation to discuss your bird and determine their free flight suitability. This consultation is $75 for 30min with the cost to go towards the course fee. 

If your bird is suitable for free flight, you will begin a tailored training program, this includes; 

- 2 x 2 hour Online Theory Workshops

- 1 x 2 hour Practical Workshop (In-person if applicable)

- Information Documents provided after each workshop

- A tailored free flight program specific to your bird

- Ongoing mentorship

- Optional in-person free flight training weekly (if applicable)

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